Audio Sermons

  Lee Stonekng:
  A Perfect Solution   Pray Without Ceasing
  Are You in the Picture   The Relationship Of God
  The Basics Of Salvation   Bid Me Come To Thee
  Blood Must Touch Blood   Do You Want To Be Used Of God?
  Confessions   To Know Him
  Fear God and Depart From Evil   The Lord is Speaking in This Hour
  I Am So Human   How Much of God do We Manifest
  Idols   Failures
  Kingdom Of God   Angels and Unusual things
  Pleasing God   Angelic Manifestation
  The Stardust Has Landed   Davids of the Hour
  The Glory That Should Follow   Godly Covering (blessing to women)
  True Christ   Holy Magic Hair (blessing to women)
  What Is Really Dieing   Order Of Creation (blessing to women)
  Trust In The Lord   Revelation Of The Voice Of God
  Small Victories In The Face Of The Storm  
  Nona Freeman:
  Jason Sciscoe:
  Except A Corn Of Wheat Fall   Praying with Revelation
  Yield Yourself To God   The Blessing In Brokeness
  He's Still Working on Me   When God Was A Stranger
  Giving Thanks Always   The Secret To Effective Prayer
  How Big Is Your God   Striving For The Mastery
  The Secret Of Revival   The Power To Get Up
  Mike Easter:
  Gerald Jeffers:
  Give Us Your Oil   God Hears You
  Remember Lot's Wife   The Power Of Choice
  Save Yoursellf   Fight To Focus
  Sick of the Palsy   Faith
  Sin, Our Constant Companion   Am I Worth It
  God's Plan   Yoked Up With God
  Tears in Heaven   The Banquit
  The Pain of a Soul Winner   There's Coming A Morning
  The Wonderful Secret of His Name   Where's Your Head At
    Annointed Ministry vs Annointed Life
  Guest Speakers:
  Bill Lamensdorf   The Temple of the Holy Ghost & Gluttony
  Charles Robinette   Nothing Like The Holy Ghost
  Charles Robinette   No Stopping The Holy Ghost
  Mark Lemke   Filled With The Holy Ghost Part 1
  Mark Lemke   Filled With The Holy Ghost Part 2
  Bro. Papp   Where Is Your Heart
  Discussion Panel   Discussion Of Prayer

  Featured Item:

  Last Call
The Holy Ghost was trying to minister “to” and “through” the congregation from The First Apostolic Church of Bogue Chitto, MS. The minister asked the congregation to tarry and allow God to have free course. When the Lord moved, he took charge of the service and gave a Last Call message. We may never know the far-reaching implications of this message but one thing is for sure, it does not stop with this congregation.

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